Prices for the 2015/2016 Hunting Season


**Day Hunt Pricing**


5 birds $160 per person
10 birds $285 per person
100 birds $2850 10 person max


6 birds $120 per person*
9 birds $160 per person
17 birds $280 per person
190 birds $2850 10 person max
*(Cannot be combined with any special offers)


Tennessee Reds

13 birds $160 per person
26 birds $280 per person
285 birds $2850 10 person max

Your dogs are welcome at Ace High! Get Sparky off the couch and bring him/her out to help you hunt your birds!! All we ask is that he/she be on a leash while in camp and that you clean up after him/her when he/she does its business...shovel available upon request. Out of courtesy to other hunters and their dogs out of control barking dogs are not welcome.

Dog and Handler available @ $125 per day up to three hunters. 4th hunter (Max) add $40.
Bird cleaning available: $3 per pheasant and $2 each for quail and chuker. Barbeque lunch available for group hunts with prior notice at an additional charge. Dry camping available...certain restrictions apply.

All birds shot at Ace High need legs seals before leaving the preserve after your hunt. Number of birds taken per person is limited to number purchased per person per day. Any additional birds shot over purchased number will be subject  to additional charges.

Also new for 2011/2012 300 Acre Duck Club
Memberships available for sale now! Buy one or Buy it All! Over 75+ miles of water ways and ponds to hunt. Right in the middle of the flyway 10 miles from the Mendota Wild Life Refuge an d 50 miles from the  Kern County Refuge! Call them in they will come! Call for Details!

Hunting Opportunities and Services At Ace High Adventures

At Ace High Adventures we are a private California Pheasant hunting preserve so there are no limits on upland game. We have our standard upland hunts but we can customize packages to your needs. Well guarantee that you will get you a shot at more than your limit of birds, the rest is up to you. We offer guided upland bird hunts with outstanding German Shorthaired Pointers and Labrador Retrievers. You are also welcome to bring your own dogs. We have packages for you and your dogs alone. We also offer season packages. Whether you're a seasoned bird hunter or new to the sport, there's nothing quite like an action-filled California Pheasant, Quail or Chukar Hunt.

Types of Hunts Include:

Below pricing based on Pheasants. Chukar and Quail are available upon request.

Day Hunts - Day Hunts - Day hunts allow a choice of hunting rooster and hen pheasants and or chukar. These hunts are designed around the hunter(s) as to what they want their hunt to be; time of day and length of time, number of hunters, number of birds, etc. We have an ample supply of quality hunting dogs to adequately cover any hunt. For an extra charge we will clean, bag and ice your game and, if desired, will provide a quality meal on site for large groups (10 or more). To warm up before you hunt Clay targets are available before the Day Hunts at an additional charge.

Youth Hunts
Ace High Adventures is the perfect place to start your son or daughter on the right road towards becoming a good ethical, responsible Hunter. We offer special prices for youth events. We would like to get more young people involved in the sport of hunting so we offer a reduced rate for juniors 15 years and younger. We make every effort to encourage kids to hunt with us (remember they are the future of our hunting). -- $160 for 7 birds with paid adult. Call for pricing on youth group hunts.

Corporate Hunts
Companies are welcome to organize a hunt for a corporate outing. Large or small we can provide your company with a great day of hunting and an outstanding BBQ to go with it! A corporate hunt is a great alternative to a company golf outing. Entertain your clients with our most popular package that guarantee them plenty of shooting. All hunts are guaranteed to provide plenty of action. Our Corporate Hunt Package includes a guided afternoon hunt for pheasants and morning hunt for ducks. Delicious meals are also available. European Flushing shoots are also a great corporate event that will keep clients and employees talking about the event for years to come (see below).
We will design hunt to meet your groups needs

Group Hunts
Group hunts on the 6,000 acres consist of any group wanting to purchase 75 birds or more per day. Get your buddies together to plan a couple of days of fun. 10 person maximum.

Guided Hunts
Guided hunts, including dog and handler, are available for all groups or individual hunters. Guided hunts are $125 per day for 3 hunters, add $40 for 4th (max) hunter.

European Flushing Shoots
The European Style Pheasant shoot is among the fastest action, most popular shooting sports on the planet, and Ace High Adventures has created one of the finest shooting venues you'll find anywhere. This is a fun shoot that challenges as hunters ability to shoot and reload as many as 6 to12 times per round while birds rise from a low-lying area in a continuous borage. Shoot rooster and hen pheasants, ducks and chukar in any combination. Usually 5 to 10 shooters are needed to make this a fun adrenaline-pumping shoot, with 15 to 25 birds released per session. Number of release secessions is based on the size of your group and the number of birds desired. All birds retrieved by professionally trained dogs and their handlers. This shoot is held at the Chowchilla preserve. It is recommended that each shooter brings at least 100 rounds plus shells for clay targets and field hunting during the lunch break and after the event.
Advantages to the European-style Pheasant Shoot
1. You and Your Party Will See Tons Of Birds
2. Guaranteed action- It is not uncommon for first timers to run out of shells
3. Retrievers, handlers, and lunch are included, bird cleaning extra. (We do all the work for you, All you do is shoot)
4. No strenuous walking or long drives are required
5. A great hunt is started and finished within 4 to 6 hours.

Prices for European Flushing shoot:
150 birds minimum
roosters $28.50 per bird
hens $22.50 per bird
5 shooters minimum 10 shooters maximum based on above bird quantity. We can accommodate more than 20 shooters, call for pricing.
BBQ lunch included

Clay Targets
We are offering clay targets out at the Helm Preserve prior to your day hunt. Get a little practice in before your hunt begins. Ask about reserving our clay throwers when making reservations for your hunt. 30 clay targets for $10.

We can provide a way to raise funds for your organization. We will work with you to help make the event successful.

Dog Training
We provide a place to train your dog(s) on a daily basis. Our property is large enough to hold national events as well as smaller trials.

Pheasants for Sale
We grow thousands of pheasants each year and they are available for sale to other hunting preserves. Price varies by quantity.

Restocking Programs
Restock your private ranches. We provide knowledge to assist you in your restocking program. The Department of Fish and Game and Pheasants Forever say restocking programs don't work unless you use the right birds grown the right way. Only a small percentage of pheasants producers strive to grow a bird that will survive in the wild. Ace High Adventures has proven that their birds not only survive in the wild but reproduce to increase the pheasant population.

Ducks, Quail and Chukar
We raise ducks for dog training events and dog training. Orders should be place well in advance of your event. Quail and chukar available upon request for hunting as well as dog training.

Other Game
Hunting Opportunities - We also offer dove hunting in season. In the near future we will be offering pig hunting and duck hunting

AS ALWAYS - Reservations, Valid CA Hunting License and Blaze Orange are required.


***All Corporate and Group Hunts require a non refundable 30% deposit at time of booking.***